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Q? about Oregon

Hello Everyone! Ok I know this isn't a super active community but I thought I'd give it a shot. My family and I currently live in Texas and have for over a decade. We've moved all over the place California, Europe, Washington State and Lastly Texas... We both agree that we don't like Texas and we truly miss the tall ivy and moss covered tree's and the religious tolerance that the Northwest has to offer... There is one thing though that I am concerned about and that's the prolific pot use. As we do have children one is a teenager and the other is still in elementary school. I do know someone who moved up to Oregon and became a complete pothead and according to her there are vendors/shops what have you all over the place just as easily as you could find a corner pharmacy and people openly walk down the street partaking in it. I mean by the way it has been described to me if you were to be pulled over by a cop rather then ticketing you or jailing you for possession the officer would more likely ask you to share =0 Yes I do understand that there is no such thing as a "drug free" zone or area but by the way it's been described to me it sounds as if this is a marijuana mecca of sorts and that I don't want. So I'm just asking to see if she is relaying it to me as this uber abundant pothead everywhere state simply because she is a pothead and that is what she looks for? or is it more like the Northwest I recall of free thinking, open minded & intellectual. 

Thank You to Everyone in advance for answering this post and I am sorry for anyone this might offend as I'm NOT trying to do that I just really don't wish to move myself or my children into a veritable cloud of smoke...

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